Monday, March 26, 2012

Do you really need breakfast?

Conventional wisdom says yes, you should have breakfast every day, even if you don't feel like it. After all if you don't you won't have the energy to do whatever it is you do all day.

And if you don't insist your children have their bowl of cocoa puffs before they leave for the school bus, they will be sitting at their desks half asleep and unable to learn anything.

Mark Sisson disagrees. According to his beliefs, once your body gets into fat-burning mode (which it does naturally when you give up grains and processed sugars), it can easily live of your stored body fat for hours on end. In fact primitive man rarely had breakfast unless there was a fresh kill that needed eating.

He had to get used to going for hours not knowing when he would get his next meal, so his body adapted by storing fat for when he would need it. And being a fat-burning animal not a sugar-burning one, the extra fat he ate was available to him when he needed it, not locked away in his fat cells where his body couldn't use it.

It does seems to make sense this theory. Certainly I know that since I've started eating this way I rarely feel hungry in the morning and like Mark am very happy with a nice cup of coffee with a bit of heavy cream first thing.

However if you are hungry you should eat. Mark says that when he is hungry he has an omlette and I would think scrambled eggs would work just as well. Many people who eat Paleo have eggs and bacon and sausage for breakfast on a regular basis and think nothing off it.

I can see where if you are normally hungry but don't have time to eat in the morning then picking up that quick breakfast sandwich fix on the way to the office would be very tempting, but there are alternatives.

Leftovers are great - just as long as it isn't pizza. Cold chicken or beef doesn't have to be just for lunch or dinner. Boil up a dozen eggs once a week and keep them handy in the fridge. A couple of those with a chunk of cheese or a couple of slices of ham would make a good substitute for those bacon and egg breakfasts, and these are all very portable as well.

You could also try a piece of quiche which is good either hot or cold  quiche recipe , and egg crepes wrapped around some cheese and bacon or vegetables works well too. egg crepe recipe

If your kids are hungry then let them have some too. They can easily munch on them while on the bus, but if not there is nothing wrong with having them wait until later to eat. As long as you've packed a Paleo friendly lunch and snacks it's much healthier for them to eat when their body tells them to.

I don't think breakfast should be forced on anyone, but if you want it choose wisely and eat Paleo friendly foods. You'll feel a lot better for it and find your days a lot more productive.

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