Monday, April 2, 2012


Mark says that 80% of your body composition depends upon the food that you eat, but there is also the other 20% and even though it's a small amount in comparison, it's still important to an overall balanced and healthy life.

So what exactly does that 20% include?

I'll let Mark explain in his own words :

" Take the time to enjoy simple pleasures ..."

" Balanced instead of chronic exercise ... "

" Focused work habits in stead of multitasking ...."

" Interpersonal relationships over social media ...."

" Calm, relaxing evenings instead of excessive artificial light and digital stimulation  .... "

" .... and plenty of time for play .... "

" ....  sun exposure ...."

" ....  rest ...."

" .... and relaxation. "

As with everything there is no one way to do things and Mark has written that time and again in his posts.  Everyone will have their own interpretations of what these words mean and I am no different.  

So here are some of the topics I will cover in this series :
  • Simple pleasures
  • Exercise
  • Working habits
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Relationships
  • Light - real and artificial

Lifestyle covers a huge spectrum of activities and living environments so the list above is just a sampling of what you might find here.  

In my journey to a sustainable Primal lifestyle I have tried many things and expect I will try many more. As is my style, I will be making short condensed version notes along the way and including links for further information as well.  

Even though food is important and I spend a lot of time focusing on how to prepare it quickly and easily, there is more to life than food, and changing ones focus every once in a while to think about something interesting and different can only be a good thing.   

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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