Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Review - Coconut Water for health and healing

This book by Dr. Bruce File opens with the remarkable story of how thousands survived the earthquake and resulting tsunamis of 2004 by eating and drinking coconuts.  And especially because of the coconut water.  When all other water sources were contaminated, this was the only source available and enabled them to not only survive, but to thrive.

This is not a very big book ( only 200 pages ) but definitely one worth reading.  Dr. Bruce explains all the many health advantages of coconut water, among them gastrointenstinal as well as anti aging.

There is a chapter on how to do a detox using coconut water, as well as one containing other recipes for coconut water such as smoothies, tea, and various soups.

There are also directions for how to open a coconut and how to make your own coconut milk.
The book ends with an extensive list of references for those who wish to look into this subject in more detail.

If you frequent stores such as Whole Foods you will frequently find coconut water on sale and after reading this book you will know exactly why it is so popular.  The list of health benefits seems to be unending and I'm sure that everyone will find something relevant to their own particular health situation in this book.

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