Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Primal Diet Plan - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the basics of my weightloss program.  I explained how it is based on Mark Sisson's recommendations, and told you about the basic breakfast, lunch and snack that I eat each day.  If you missed it, read it here.

Today I am going to continue on and show you how I add the menu plan dinners, and as an example I will use the Seafood Lover's Menu Plan I gave you on Monday.

This plan contains a lot of seafood, which is the secret that allows me the flexibility to add a few treats, but it is by no means a mono diet or monotonous.  I eat chicken, beef and eggs as well as some cheese and lots of vegetables and fruit.  And even though I eat seafood several times a week while on this plan, I never eat the same meal two days in a row, and I interchange it with other protein sources.

Here is what the nutritional counts look like for each day when I add the dinners to the basic meals I wrote about yesterday.  As mentioned previously all information was calculated at


This Seafood Casserole is very rich and creamy, but because the protein source is lean seafood I can afford to indulge in it and still keep within my guidelines.  With my dinners I have a small salad and add a few orange segments as well to go with the orange vinaigrette I like to use.


As I wrote on my post on Cioppino, this is my favourite seafood recipe, and it's a favourite in more ways than one.  Once I make this broth and have it in my freezer, dinner is only minutes away and I can vary it using different kinds of seafood.  I have used a mixture in my example, but whatever you use the nutritional values will not change enough to affect the totals much.


Coq au Vin is a great weekday meal because it cooks in the slow cooker and then gives you lots of extra meals for your freezer.  You get a nice serving of vegetables as well, and I like to serve it over cheesy mashed cauliflower which gives you even more nutritional benefits.


Even though you can make Seafood Cakes out of any seafood you have on hand, I like to eat salmon at least once a week so this is usually my choice.  I cook a large baking dish full of fillets on my basics day, then freeze them to use when I need them.   I like to eat mine with a sauce I make from  home-made mayonnaise, mixing it with lemon juice and a bit of chopped dill pickle. I have used regular mayo in the calorie counts just because it's easier and won't make a large amount of difference in the totals.


I always love to have my Italian meat sauce and serving it over Miracle noodles allows me to indulge in this whenever I want. (look for my post on Miracle noodles on Friday) I have calculated this on the high side, but when I use turkey sausage instead of pork I still get all the flavour with a lot less fat. All it needs is some grated parmesan and a salad to make this a complete meal, though a glass of red wine always helps as far as I'm concerned.


Saturday is when I eat out and when I am watching my weight this usually means treating myself to Alaska King Crab or Lobster.  Both of these are wonderful treats which I can enjoy with added butter since they are so low in calories.  I add a salad and some hot vegetables on the side and splurge on an extra glass of white wine instead of dessert.

Usually the meal finishes with a wonderful cup of espresso.  Not bad for a diet meal is it?!?

Since Sunday is my "day off" I have a completely different menu which I will cover tomorrow (Part 3), as well as showing you how all of these days combine to fit within the guidelines. 

I'm sure you can see already that my menu plan is very indulgent, but it just goes to show that eating healthy doesn't have to mean giving up enjoying your food.  You can go out and share delicious meals with friends and family and nobody will have any idea that you are cutting down in any way. 

With a little careful forethought, you can  indulge in many of the same foods that everyone else is having, and chances are nobody will even notice what you are not eating ...... unless you want them to.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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