Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enjoy your time with Others

How are you doing with your new Paleo habits? Are you steadily eating away at that elephant? Remember you need to keep reminding yourself until it becomes automatic.

Here's you're next Lifestyle habit. When you feel comfortable, then it's time to work on the next step. But not before.  Don't rush this. Remember Kaizen is about changing your life one tiny step at a time.

You should work on these habits only once all the 10 easy steps to becoming a Permanent Paleo Eater  are an automatic part of your everyday life.  Don't try to do everything at once or you will feel overwhelmed.

Check the list below. If you are still working on some of these habits then keep doing that until you no longer need to think about them.  Only then are you ready to move on.  Nobody is rushing you and nobody is keeping track.  This is YOUR plan and you decide when you're ready.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step"

. .... then another, and another.... Take your time, do it right, and you'll build a solid base for a lifetime of easy and healthy Paleo living.



Habit # 9 :  I enjoy Quality time with friends, family and loved ones. 

Deidre Scherer's Surrounded by Family

It's a very interesting thing.  All our lives we want things and try to get things and work for things and plan how we can get things  .... yet when it comes to the end of our life, it isn't things that are important, it's people.

When we hear stories about people on their death bed, or those who know they are about to die, nobody says "I wish I'd had a bigger house." or " I wish I'd made more money."  What you hear time and again are people saying "I wish I'd spent more time with my wife, or my daughter, or my son."

Don't wait until you're at that point.  Make sure you value your relationships right now.

It's difficult for many today because life is so busy.  Most people, especially those with young children or who are working to establish themselves in a career, often find that they don't see their friends for months at a time.  They figure it doesn't hurt to put it of now because they can catch up later when they have more time.  Unfortunately for many that time never comes.  You don't know how much time you have.

This is where the social networks like FaceBook are really filling a need.  If you can't see your friends you can at least keep in touch with them online and keep up with their lives.

However, handy as social networks are, you shouldn't let them take the place of face to face contact or you will miss out on some of the greatest joys in life.  Regardless of how busy you are, there is always some time that you can spend with those who are important to you.  It's really a matter of priorities.

Rather than spend another evening watching mindless TV, plan on meeting a friend for lunch or dinner.  You don't need to make a production of it.  Just pick a favourite cafe or restaurant and spend a couple of pleasant hours together.  You can even just meet for a quick lunch on a city bench.  It's spending time together that counts not where you are.

Meet some friends and go for a walk or a hike.  Or play a sport together.  You'll not only connect with your friends but you'll also be getting some exercise as well.

As for making time for your family, that should be a major priority, especially if you have young children.  Not that long ago families always ate dinner together and you should bring back that tradition whenever possible.  Now that you are cooking Paleo and not eating fast food, it should be much easier.  Even if you can only manage it a couple of times a week, it's better than nothing.

And when you have dinner together make it family time.  Don't answer the phone or watch TV, just talk.  Ask your kids about their day and share experiences.  When surveys are done of children and they are asked what they want most from their parents, the answer "I wish we could spend more time together." comes up over and over again.  When you build a relationship with your children when they are young, you will find they will talk to you more when they are teenagers as well.

And finally, if you are married or in a serious relationship you need to make sure you make time for each other as well.  It's all too easy, once your life is full of children, to start taking the other person for granted.  Make a special effort to arrange a weekly date night and spend some time together on a regular basis.

Many couples go for walks together and find this is a great way to catch up as well as to get some fresh air and exercise.

If walking isn't possible for you, there is always biking as an option.

And lastly, think outside the box and do something you've never done before. You don't need money or even much time to pack a sandwich and have an impromptu picnic.  Instead of complaining that you can't afford to go out, make a date to meet at a local park and spend an hour together. It doesn't really take that much effort, but in the end these are the times that you will remember for years to come.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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