Saturday, June 2, 2012

Move your Body

How are you doing with your new Paleo habits? Are you steadily eating away at that elephant? Remember you need to keep reminding yourself until it becomes automatic.

Here's you're next Lifestyle habit. When you feel comfortable, then it's time to work on the next step. But not before.  Don't rush this. Remember Kaizen is about changing your life one tiny step at a time.

You should work on these habits only once all the 10 easy steps to becoming a Permanent Paleo Eater  are an automatic part of your everyday life.  Don't try to do everything at once or you will feel overwhelmed.

Check the list below. If you are still working on some of these habits then keep doing that until you no longer need to think about them.  Only then are you ready to move on.  Nobody is rushing you and nobody is keeping track.  This is YOUR plan and you decide when you're ready.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step"

. .... then another, and another.... Take your time, do it right, and you'll build a solid base for a lifetime of easy and healthy Paleo living.

It's very important to spend some time concentrating on today's habit, because in this day and age when most of us spend hours each day sitting at a desk, getting enough exercise is no longer a given.

There are many programs available now, but unfortunately the majority of them still concentrate on the old model and recommend hours of strenuous cardio as the only way to get and stay fit.  The latest findings in this field have shown that this is totally unnecessary, and in fact in some cases even harmful.  Exercising for shorter periods of time is much more effective, as well as much more doable for most people.

And any program that is going to appeal to the majority needs to require as little in the way of equipment as possible.  Many people who are overweight and out of shape would rather die than go to a gym, so a program that can be done at home is ideal.

And in this regard, we are lucky to have a wonderful resource available to us online absolutely free.  Mark Sisson has worked out an exercise program that takes advantage of all the latest findings, doesn't require any equipment, and can be done in a few minutes a day.  It doesn't require you to buy lots of fancy equipment and you don't have to join a gym.  You don't have to be in great shape already either to start.  His program is easy enough "for a grandmother" and hard enough for any endurance athlete, so you can easily fine the level that is right for you.

Mark Sisson has made his ebook available for you to download and in it he explains exactly how his exercise pyramid works, how you should exercise, when you should exercise, and why.  You can download it here. 

He also has videos where he explains in detail exactly how to do the basic moves that make up his strength program.

As well as his sprinting routine.  

The nice thing about this program is that it is completely doable by anyone of any age and any fitness level.  You start where you are and progress at your own speed.

And as long as you incorporate the three types of exercise - sprinting, lifting heavy things, and moving at a slow pace - you can use whatever type of exercise appeals to you the most.

For instance, sprinting doesn't mean that if you aren't capable of running you can't do it.  The idea is to exert yourself to the maximum a few times a week, and you can do this by biking or swimming as well as by running.

There are also many ways to do the strength portion, and many other programs that you can incorporate that will fit within Mark's guidelines.  For example, T-Tapp is a great program option for those who have knee issues and includes exercises that you can do in your chair if you are unable to stand or walk.  I will be covering some of these different options in later posts.

And when it comes to moving frequently at a slow pace, there are also many options - hiking, swimming, climbing, and biking are just a few.

This program is very easy to follow and since all the information is available to you free online, it doesn't require a lot of time, money or equipment, and it allows you to incorporate many varied exercise options as well, there really are no excuses left.  So whether you do it on your own or make it a family goal, just start with where you are right now .... and get moving.  Your body with thank you.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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