Thursday, June 14, 2012

Square Foot Gardening - as a Home Business

Taking the Square Foot Gardening concept one step further, in 1985 Mell Bartholomew wrote a book on how to create a part-time business and make cash from square foot gardening.  Even though this book is no longer in print, I can't see any reason why the concept won't work just as well today as it did when Mell first wrote about it. 

The main thing you have to ask yourself is "Do I really want a part-time business?  Am I willing to put in the time and work involved?"  If the answer is "Yes" this option might be for you.

Now, when people think about being able to work from home the first thing that comes to mind is some kind of work involving a laptop or other computer, but this is another work-from-home choice that would allow you to work outside in the fresh air.  You get to choose your own hours and square foot gardening allows you to grow a large amount of produce in a small area so it isn't necessary to have lots of land to be able to do this. In an example that Mel gives in his book, he turned what was previously a patch of lawn into 8 - 4 x 12 foot beds which gave him more than enough produce to sell.

In his book he talks mainly about selling to high end restaurants that are willing to pay higher prices for quality produce, but now there is just as much demand from private customers so I would think a business like this would do even better today.

There are 18 chapters in this book and he does go pretty thoroughly into exactly what is involved in creating your own business.  

One of the best things about this book are all the diagrams.  Even though it's printed in black and white, the drawings are amazing, and this book is filled with all kinds of useful charts and plans.  There are charts on what to grow, when to grow it, how to plant in rotation and how to set up your own garden for profit just to mention a few.

There is also a lot of basic information on square foot gardening including how to start your plants from seed, how to plant, how to water, fertilize, etc. Above you can see an example that he shows of setting up a four square rotation that will keep you in a constant supply of radishes. 

There is even a whole chapter on extending the growing season by setting up heated growing beds like the one above, as well as information on what to grow depending on where you live.  He also talks about how to protect your plants from pests, how to harvest to get the most out of your space .... and so much more.  In fact, even if you aren't interested in setting up a gardening business, there is still a ton of information in this book that would be very useful just in growing a home garden.

If this book looks like something you'd like to read, still has a few reasonably priced second hand copies of this book available. (Please use my link to buy  CA$H from Square Foot Gardening) I would also urge you to leave comments on the square foot gardening website.  Maybe if enough people show an interest, they will publish an updated version of this book.  

I think with today's economy there are more people who are looking for a way to make some income from home.  And with the growing awareness of how the food we eat affects us, there are also a lot more people who are willing to pay more for quality organic produce, so it could do even better now than when it was first published.

For more information on Square Foot Gardening buy the book here.

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