Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Basics : How to cook Bacon in the Oven

Having some ready cooked bacon in your fridge is very convenient.  When you eat Paleo, bacon is somewhat of a staple.  However cooking bacon in a skillet can be a pain.  It's time consuming and can also really mess up your kitchen.  This is why it's very handy to know how to cook bacon in the oven.

I started off cooking my bacon on a roasting pan which wasn't bad, but I found the amount of bacon I could fit was very limited.

So then I moved on to cooking it on a cookie sheet.  I lined it with foil and then put a cooling rack on top of that which worked pretty well.  However sometimes the bacon was a bit long for the pan and I had to fold the edges in which again was okay, but still not exactly right.
Finally I found a method used on several sites that works perfectly for me.  So here it is - the ultimate recipe.

How to cook bacon in the oven

I line my cookie sheet as above with foil, but instead of placing a cooling rack on it I fold another piece of foil into waves as shown above and put that into the pan.  Then I drape my bacon over it.  This allows me to cook a lot more bacon .....

.... and it looks nice when it's cooked as well.  Not a concern for most I'll grant you, but being a visual person my food taste that much better when it looks good. 

As for what heat to use, I like to cook my bacon on low heat (350'F) This cooks it slowly and keeps it from getting grease all over my oven.  I just put it into the oven, set the timer for 30 minutes, and then forget about it.  Once the timer goes off, I check and remove what pieces are done, then put the rest back for another 10 or 15 minutes and check again.  Bacon comes in different thicknesses even within one package, so this way I make sure that I don't end up with some raw bits and others burned to a crisp.

Cooking a lot of bacon at a time in the oven, though time saving in the long run, does require a bit of an investment of time which you might not be willing to spend.  Another alternative is to use one of the special bacon cooking pans available.  If you use this method you can just cook as much as you need when you need it in the microwave. If this method is more appealing to you, at only $12.39 you might find this pan a good investment. Certainly one of the pros is that it has less potential for making a mess, and cleaning a microwave is a lot easier than cleaning an oven.

Any of the above methods will work, so choose the one that appeals most to you.

Since I work at home and my office is next to the kitchen, checking the bacon every once in a while, when it's cooking is no big deal for me.  I bake a tray a couple of times a month (It keeps very well for a couple of weeks in the fridge.) and I always have the makings of BLT wraps whenever I want them.  Try them with a bit of pesto mixed in to home made mayonnaise - Delicious!

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  2. Here is an update. I have now found half sheet pans that fit into my oven perfectly, and cooling racks that fit into these sheets perfectly as well. (These are bigger than cookie sheets and have a bit more depth as well so the grease stays contained.) Now I use two of these on two oven racks, cooking for 15 to 20 minutes, then switching the trays and cooking for another 15 minutes. I do this because the top rack always cooks fastest. This method gives me lots of great bacon at one time with a minimum of fuss and bother. If you are interested in getting these sheets and racks, they are available at amazon.com and I will add them to my links at the side of this post.


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