Sunday, July 1, 2012

Splurge a little on the perfect cup

Simple Pleasures is all about allowing yourself those little things in life that don't cost a lot of money but make a huge difference in how you feel.  The everyday things that make you smile and feel pampered each time you use them. And one such thing is your coffee or tea cup.
Spinning Hat Like Tea Mug

Even though that first morning cup is very important to most people, it always amazes me that they don't consider what they drink in just as important as what they drink.  After all, we experience life with all our senses, and sight is just as important for pleasure as taste and smell.  If you can appreciate the aroma of a great cup of coffee or an exotic blend of tea then wouldn't the whole experience be that much more pleasurable if your eyes could be involved in it as well?

Look at these cups for instance.  Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on all your faults, isn't this a better way to start your day?  Maybe drinking your coffee out of a cup with writing on it doesn't do it for you, but you can create exactly the same feeing with the cup that is right for you.  Spend a few minutes and find the right one.  This Simple Pleasure will start your day on a happy note, and when you start happy there's a good chance you'll stay that way.

This is such an inexpensive pleasure as well.  I'm sure you could spend tons of money on a cup if you really tried, but the nice thing is that it's completely unnecessary.  Especially now with Internet shopping your choices are endless, and for no more than $20 (and often much less) you can drink your morning beverage in a cup that makes your heart sing.

Here are just a few that I've found to give you some idea of what's available :

If you love flowery feminine coffee mugs, one of these English ones from might be for you.

Here's the perfect mug for your favourite fisherman from

And here is a glass coffee or tea mug perfect for a gardener from

If you're more into the modern square look you might prefer something like this from .

Then there are all kinds of specialty cups as well. For you men there are special coffee mugs that protect your mustache. This one is from

And for you tea drinkers who want your tea to stay hot while it steeps, there are special tea cups with lids, and often strainers as well like this one from (This is the most expensive one I've seen so far for $19.50)

I have a glass mug like this one for making my tea from fresh herbs. Teas Etc 12-Ounce Glass Brew Mug with Glass Brew Basket and Lid

I also have a glass tea pot as well since I usually make a whole pot, especially in the summer for ice tea. Primula 40-Oz. Daisy Glass Tea Pot, Clear

If tea is your beverage of choice in the morning, going one step further and investing in an individual cup and teapot would be a great little luxury for you.  This is a very simple white set but I've seen them in a variety of styles, colours and patterns. BIA Cordon Bleu 12-Ounce Teapot and Cup for One, White

And lastly, if you have to enjoy that first cup on the road, then a good quality travel mug is what you need.  Here practicality and function are the priorities, but beauty of design doesn't hurt either like in this example. It will definitely make that morning commute a lot more pleasant. Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, 16 Ounces, Blue

If you don't like to drink out of a plastic or metal mug even on the road, then this glass mug by SmartPlanet might be for you. Smart Planet EC-46 Double-Wall Glass Coffee Travel Mug, White

Whatever your style - modern, traditional, patterned, printed, or just plain white - being able to really enjoy that first cup of the morning starts your day on the right foot.  So take the time to think about this Simple Pleasure and find the right one for you.  Whatever your budget, I'm sure that you can find exactly the right coffee mug or tea cup to make your day.

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