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BODYFLEX - the ideal exercise for beginners

Quite a few years ago now, a woman called Greer Childers wrote a book called "Be a Loser!" about losing inches with the help of Oxygen.  She also sold her program on TV and for a while it was hugely popular.  Like with all popular things she also had her detractors, and in fact ended up with some major legal issues which caused her to change her program quite a bit, which was really a shame.  Her original program was terrific and a huge amount of people swore it worked wonders.

I myself was very successful with it.  When I tried it and did it once a day every day as she suggested, I ended up losing a whole size in one week which seemed pretty miraculous.

There is a lot of literature out there now on why it worked and how giving your body the oxygen it needs can indeed work wonders.  I really didn't care why it worked, the only thing that concerned me - like so many others - is that it did.  However the program did get a lot of great reviews from different trainers and doctors as well as a lot of people who did the program.  It was one of those things that you either loved or hated.  I suggest you click on the links below for the book and DVD on Amazon and read some of the reviews.  A lot of people loved this program when it first came out, and still do.

I ended up doing it on and off during the years, but every time I made the effort I was rewarded with inch loss and, more importantly as I grew older, flexibility. Also, even though many women my age have wrinkled necks, I have never suffered from this, and I'm sure it's because I've done the BodyFlex facial and neck exercises for years.  There are many other methods now that are based on exercising your facial muscles, and many other people who swear that it works wonders, so this isn't something unique.

The program is basically a series of stretches and easy enough that pretty much anyone can do it with a few modifications.  The instructions show a standing version, but because I have arthritis in my knees I have modified it and do them sitting on an exercise mat, and it still works for me.

It's not really the exercises that are important as much as doing the breathing.  That is what brings the air into your body and starts the fat burning.  In fact Greer did come out with a version later to do in a chair, which proves this point. (It's the BodyFlex+ program and the only one on DVD.)

You move whatever body parts you can, and do the breathing for 15 minutes a day.  That's it!  I think that's pretty doable by anyone even if you're hugely overweight and out of shape, which is why I've called it the perfect exercise for beginners.

The thing to remember is that because you are working your stomach muscles you don't want to do these on a full stomach.  They are most effective done immediately when you get up before you have breakfast, but if you have to do them during the day then wait at least 2 hours after you eat.

You only need to do one set every day to see results, but she does recommend that you do 2 sets a day for the first week if you can to get your body used to them.  After that she says to go back to one set a day, but I know when I was reading the comments on the forum (Doesn't exist any longer unfortunately) a lot of people were doing 30 minutes or 45 minutes a day and having fantastic results week after week.  I don't think this is necessary but it is an option.

Greer also has different versions of this program on different DVDs, and even in the book she gives a couple of alternatives to the original, so I think you can pretty well set up your own program if that's what it takes for you to do it.  If some exercises are too hard or painful, then don't do them and do some extra repetitions of the others.  Just make sure you do 15 minutes of breathing and exercise of some sort, even if you have to do all of them sitting in a chair, and you will see results.  

It might seem impossible to you that you will see results from just sitting in a chair and breathing, but you will be pleasantly surprised.  The first thing you will find is that you are a lot more flexible, and positions that seems very difficult will get easier and easier.  

That's when you want to increase the intensity and add a few more repetitions. I think that the mistake some people have made is to stay at the same level even though they have become fitter, so they aren't getting as much of a workout.  If you try to see how many reps you can do within the 15 minute time frame - always making sure you are doing the breathing as well - you will always be working at the ideal level for your body and will keep seeing improvement.  And this does make sense because it has now been proven that working out strenuously for short periods of time works much better than longer easier cardio sessions.


Unfortunately this book is no longer in print, but there are usually a few people selling old copies on Amazon.  If you can manage to get a copy of the original program on DVD you will be very lucky because most of the available ones are on VCR cassette tapes (Yes, it's that old!)  You can also check ebay because I know they sometimes have old books and DVDs available there as well.

If you get a chance to read the book I think you will find it very informative, especially all the information about how getting oxygen into your body can help with all kinds of problems.   And the DVDs will explain exactly how to do all the exercises as well as give you a 15 minute workout.  

I just wish Greer would make these available again, because I'm sure there are still many people out there who love this program, are cherishing their old worn out copies of books and tapes, and would love to be able to buy new replacements.  I for one would definitely promote them if she did.  But since that doesn't seem likely, I will just have to be content in spreading the information in my own way.

I've been doing these exercises for several decades now and so have a lot of my friends and we love how they keep up healthy and flexible.  I have now written an ebook with my version of these exercises, especially geared towards getting rid of belly fat and getting a nice flat tummy.  It's part of a  series with all the latest information for losing inches and weight and I hope you check it out.

I'll admit that this is a very funny looking type of exercise and many, many people have made fun of it. But if it works for you do you really care?  If, for whatever reason, you can't do any other exercise right now, then why not at least try this and see how it goes?  Check with your doctor, but I can't see anyone objecting to your doing some deep breathing for 15 minutes a day.

Try it for a week.  Do it once a day, first thing in the morning if possible, and twice a day if you can manage it would be even better.  Then see what results you get.  At the very worst  you will have spent a week improving your lungs - which is a good thing just by itself.  But if it does end up working for you, then allowing yourself to think outside the box will have been worth it.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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  3. you can find bodyflex on youtube for free


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