Thursday, August 23, 2012

Breakfast Burritos

You can't beat having a few Breakfast Burritos in your freezer for a quick, easy and portable breakfast option. And lucky for us, they are so easy to make. 
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First, you need a supply of egg crepes and I show you how to make them here

Place your filling onto one half of the crepe, roll it up making sure you tuck in the edges (if you need more detailed directions has a video) ........

.... Then wrap individually in plastic and put into a Ziplock bag to store in your freezer.

To eat, take out however many you want, remove the plastic, place on a paper towel, and microwave for a minute or two until it's warm.  Alternatively if the filling you have chosen doesn't need heating you can just take out a couple the night before and leave them in your fridge to thaw overnight.

As for fillings, the options are almost endless.  Here are just a few you can try :
  • Scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage (see the top illustration)  If you like a bit of kick, add a spoon full of salsa.
  • Ham, scrambled egg and cheddar
  • Leftovers from dinner - grilled seafood, chicken or meat with some chopped vegetables

You can also just use vegetables for your filling since there is protein in the egg crepes, like this example using chopped lettuce, tomato and avocado.  Adding a bit of salsa and grated cheddar would make this a great Mexican breakfast burrito.

And when you are eating at home, you can make your breakfast burritos fresh with yogurt and chopped fruit topped with a little honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar syrup.  Or use whipped cream instead of the yogurt. This is a great sunday morning option.

You will never regret spending an hour making up some crepes and freezing them.  You can make terrific quick crepe dinners as well, but when you are in a hurry to get yourself out of the door in the morning, these can really save the day.

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  1. You mention Yogurt and Cheese a lot. These have a place in a regular Paleo diet?

    1. As you know, I follow Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint recommendations, and according to Mark, dairy is a "grey area". He doesn't think there is a definitive answer yet as to whether or not it should be allowed. His advice is to test your own body to find out whether or not it works for you. (Read his post at for the scientific basis behind his reasoning and his recommendations. )

      Personally, I find I'm fine with dairy as long as I don't overdo it, which is why I add it - in moderation - to my diet. However, because I know not everyone is the same, I also try to give many non dairy recipes here as well for those who don't want to eat it.

  2. I know this post is old, but thank you for the egg crepe recipe. They sound easy and versatile. I used to freeze breakfast burritos for my husband to take to work - I'm happy I might be able to do that again.

    1. You're welcome Karyn. The post might be old but the info is still valid! I use this recipe myself all the time. It makes a great replacement for wheat wraps. If you find you want a more substantial wrap you can add a little almond flour or coconut flour.

  3. I made a version of these a few weeks ago and they were sooo handy the past couple weeks!


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