Monday, August 27, 2012

Tired of salad for lunch? How about frying it!

This is an amazing recipe. Lots of nutritious vegetables in a crispy, crunchy package that you will find hard to believe can really be good for you .... but it is!!!

I actually created this by accident and out of desperation - but then isn't that how lots of great things come to be?

One day I was thinking about what I wanted to eat for lunch.  If you read this blog you know that I recommend you eat a big salad most days for lunch. Since I really love salads, I do actually follow my own advice and eat them most of the week. 

However even for a salad lover like me, sometimes it's just too much.  There came a day when I just couldn't face one more salad.  Sort of like how Tom Hanks must have felt about fish when he was stranded on that island.

I needed another option.  And I felt like something warm for a change.  Yes, I know.  A bit crazy when it's 95 plus outside, but what can I tell you?  That's how I felt.  Which is how I ended up with my head in my almost empty fridge. (It was the day before grocery shopping day.)

The only things I found were a few eggs and a half empty bag of coleslaw mix.  

Then I remembered about Egg Foo Yung. When I was in the Orient I often had this dish.  Each time I had it, the taste was completely different because each cook just threw in whatever she had left.  But it was always good.  I wondered if it would work with my leftover coleslaw mix .... and this recipe was born.  

Before I tell you how to make it, let me just tell you how good it is for you.  You know how you're always told to eat broccoli and cabbage?  This recipe has both of them.  Eggs are one of the best sources of protein recommended on the Paleo diet.  And coconut oil is one of the very best fats you can eat. In this recipe you get all of this excellent nutrition for just pennies a serving.

So, here it is.  My .....

Magic Fried Salad

Ingredients :

-  2 cups of coleslaw mix. I use half coleslaw and half broccoslaw
-  1/2 a large red onion, chopped
-  3 large eggs
-  sea salt and ground pepper to taste
-  coconut oil for frying.  You could use olive oil or butter but I recommend coconut oil because it has a high burn temp ... and it's also delicious!

Directions :
  • Break your eggs into a large bowl and blend with a fork.
  • Add the vegetables and mix well so all the vegetables are coated with egg.
  • Melt a spoon full of coconut oil in a skillet.
  • When the oil is melted, add a soup ladle of the mixture and flatten it out so it isn't too thick.
This is when the "magic" happens.  When you first put this into your pan you're going to think "No way.  This is just going to be a big mess."   It really doesn't look like a batter at all, just like a bunch of wet vegetables.

But give it time.  Let it cook over medium high heat for a minute or two then flip it with a spatula.  Yes, you will actually be able to do this.  Then cook the other side for another couple of minutes and serve.

 Cook this until it's nice and crispy and add more coconut oil when needed.  

A lot of people think you need to add flour to the batter to make it hold together but you don't.  It isn't the flour that binds the ingredients, it's the egg.

I thought this was a perfect lunch just as it was.  Three eggs gave me all the protein I needed, and using all those vegetables was not only good for me but tasted wonderful.  Crispy, crunchy ... and just a touch of coconut in the taste.

If you want to be decadent you can top it with some sour cream, grated cheese or a bit of salsa.  You can also sprinkle it with soy sauce or hot sauce.  And sometimes topping it with a sauce or gravy can give it a different twist as well. The variations are endless.

To make an even more substantial meal like a dinner, just mix in some leftover cooked seafood, chicken or meat.

Egg Foo Yung made in North America is usually more like an omelette, but when you make it the way it's made in the Orient, it's a whole different thing. The name comes from the Cantonese language and is derived from a mainland Chinese recipe from Shanghai.  This dish is also quite popular in Japan. It's very economical, very healthy, and very easy to make.

However you end up making your version, you will find this is a great lunch or dinner alternative. It's a great money-stretching recipe,  full of healthy ingredients, and a deliciously different way to eat eggs.  And if you bite the bullet and serve it with a small side salad - as they do at - you will have even more health benefits!

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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