Saturday, August 18, 2012

Treat yourself to some comfortable lounging clothes

In "Jolly Old England", for the longest time it was the custom of the landed gentry to change out of their daytime attire and put on a smoking jacket for lounging at home.

In not-so-recent times this was made popular again by Hugh Hefner. (though possibly he was the only one who wore one?) However if this does it for you, you can still get one quite easily.  (Amazon has everything!)

Though when I suggest you treat yourself to some comfortable lounging clothes, this isn't really what I have in mind.

Those of you who work at home know the luxury of working all morning in pjs and not bothering to get dressed until lunch.  Whether you work at home or not, treating yourself to some really comfortable and really attractive lounging clothes is a Simple Pleasure that can make your day.

Take that saturday morning for example when you're cleaning house in your old torn up jeans and the door bell rings.  Do you hide behind the curtains and wait for whoever it is to go away?

Or when you come home late, tired and exhausted, do you head right for the kitchen and start preparing dinner in your uncomfortable work clothes, stalking around on high heels and trying desperately to keep yourself clean?

How much easier would your life be if you took a few minutes to change and take a deep breath before going from one job to another.

When we work with others, society dictates that we have to dress a certain way, and sometimes it isn't the most comfortable way to have to spend your time.

But once you are home and your time is your own, taking of your work clothes can signal to your subconscious that you are taking of the pressures of the day as well.


There are a many different styles of casual clothes as there are people, and everyone has to find what works for them.

But one thing that I would universally recommend is investing in a couple of nice aprons.

Decades ago women always had an apron or house dress that they wore to protect their clothes, and I think it's still a good idea sometimes.  Not all the time, but especially when you're cooking, which can be a very messy process, a bit of protection will cut down a lot on laundry.  This is why professional chefs always cover up.

I'm not saying you need something like this at home (though it does look good on him) You don't want to be wearing anything that heavy, and I'm not talking about those things your mother wore, or the aprons you were forced to sew in your home Ec class at school either.

Now you can find simple and classic styles that will be a pleasure to wear and that won't make you feel afraid to open the door when the doorbell rings.

Some women even enjoy reviving vintage aprons and think they are quite sexy.  In fact there are several websites aimed especially at apron lovers.

If you prefer funny, there's a lot to choose from in that category as well - though do try and keep it clean! Whatever lightens your time in the kitchen is what you need to get.

As for relaxing at home, if you're comfortable mucking about in PJs then there is nothing wrong with that either.  Just get a few nice pairs that look decent enough to answer the door.  It can be long pants, short pants or even a nice kaftan ..... whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

Whether you invest is some special lounging clothes or just a couple of comfortable bottoms to wear with the T's you already have, wearing something nice will make you feel beautiful as well as comfortable - and feeling good is what Simple Pleasures is all about.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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