Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slow Cooker Meals Cook Ahead Plan

Okay, so you like the idea of having a freezer full of meals but when you get home from work the last thing you feel like doing is cooking.  Is there help for you?

Of course there is.

What you need is the slow cooker version of my meals cook ahead plan.

Let's say I want an easy week where I don't have to cook at all once I get home.  As long as I'm prepared to spend a few minutes when necessary preparing the night before, I can still have 6 wonderful tasty extra meals in my freezer at the end of the week.

I will just go to the RECIPES tab above, scroll down to "Dinners - Slow Cooker", and choose 6 meals from this list.  Here is a sample menu I could use.

Monday - Cioppino (Italian Seafood Stew) with Shrimp

Tuesday - One Pot Crockpot Chicken Dinner

Wednesday - Burgundy Beef

Thursday - Jambalaya

Friday - eating out

Saturday - Italian Wedding Soup

Sunday - Teriaki Ribs

Some of these recipes like the Burgundy Beef and the Teriaki Ribs require you to brown the meat first before putting it in the slow cooker.  You can do this the evening before while you're cleaning up the dishes from dinner.

When you make your shopping list, after you've added all the ingredients to make a double portion of all the meals, add a big container of salad greens and some ready-chopped vegetables for steaming and you will have all your sides covered as well.

The nice thing with slow-cooker meals is that they usually already make a lot, so chances are you won't have to change the recipe at all to have enough to freeze.  Just make sure you have enough containers so you can freeze half of each dinner and you will be all set.

This is an especially great plan for those of you who would really rather be doing anything else rather than cooking.  Just as with the previous Quick Cook plan, just a little planning and effort for a few weeks will get you a well stocked freezer and the freedom to cook only a couple of days a week.  Then you can spend your evenings with that new book you've always meant to read but never had time to get to.

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