Friday, October 19, 2012

Why you should teach your children how to cook

If you are a mother or father working long hours outside the home - whether out of desire or necessity - you can often find it's hard to spend as much time with your children as you would like.  Cooking together is one way to do that and to teach them some very useful fundamental skills that will last them a lifetime. (Image from )

If you are eating Paleo and feeding your family Paleo meals, you obviously believe this to be a healthy way to live.  However, if you don't start showing your children how to create these meals for themselves, once they are on their own they will be at the mercy of restaurants and fast food joints .... and we all know what that means.  The quality of their food will go down and probably their health will start to deteriorate as well.  I know as a mother myself that's the last thing I want for my children.

That's why I started to teach my boys how to cook at an early age.  We started with simple things and then, as they grew older, gradually progressed to more advanced techniques.  By the time they left home, both of them knew the basics.

Everyone is different and just because you teach your children to cook doesn't mean they will necessarily love it.  I have one son who does and one who doesn't.  But regardless of how they feel about it, they will know how .... and that's the important thing.

And if they complain, say if Prince William can do it - and look like he's enjoying it! - it can't be all that bad!

If your teenagers want to cook for their friends, let them.  Yes, I know they aren't always the tidiest cooks, but this is a good opportunity to show them some good cleaning up tips as well.  Let them know that if they start with an empty sink and dishwasher and clean as they go, clean up can be a snap.

So start letting your children join you in the kitchen whenever you can. If they are interested in barbecuing let whoever does that in your home teach them how.  Not only will you be creating happy memories, you will be giving them a skill that unfortunately many no longer have, and helping to guarantee they keep eating as healthy as possible for the rest of their lives.

The secret is to get them when they are young and when they want to spend time with you.  Young children love to help and if you let them, by the time they are no longer interested in your company they will know enough to feed themselves in a healthy manner.  I think this is a great worthwhile goal for every parent to strive for.

Finding a good cookbook that will teach them good Paleo habits is now a lot easier as well.

For older children and teens, there are many recipes in regular Paleo cookbooks that they can make.  Check the Library tab above for ideas ... and of course there are many recipes here on this blog as well.

Of course there are side benefits to you when you do this as well.  Just as you delegate at work, you can also delegate at home if you have helpers who know what they are doing.  Coming home to a meal that's half cooked already can turn a stressful day around.  This will also allow your kids to contribute to the household, which in turn will build their self esteem.  

Finally, think how proud you both will be the next Mother's day when they serve you the perfect breakfast in bed.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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