Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gelatine - an Update (If you have arthritis you should read this.)

Last March, after reading something written by Mark Sisson, I wrote a post on Gelatine and how it can improve the elasticity in your skin. This is a great benefit when you're losing weight and trying to keep your skin from sagging, as well as great for anti-aging.  The post I wrote mainly dealt with this benefit, and went on to give several tasty recipes for adding gelatine to your diet.

Lately I've done more research and realized that this is really only scratching the surface when it comes to the benefits of Gelatine.  It really is a super food, and here are many more benefits that have been found when people take gelatine on a regular basis.  

Here are a few more you might want to consider :

  • Helps improve sleep for those with insomnia
  • Helps grow healthy hair and nails
  • Can improve digestion because it naturally binds with water and helps food move more easily through the digestive track
  • Some have found it helpful to get rid of cellulite

  • Is a great natural source of protein and amino acids
  • Is also a great source of collagen and works better than skin creams that are said to contain it. Eating gelatine and coconut oil has been found to work better at improving skin that most creams on the market.

But I think the most exciting discovery is how eating Gelatine on a regular basis has been found to completely cure some people of arthritis.

In a study done in the Harvard Medical school, 29 patients who had suffered from arthritis for 15 to 20 years, and had not found any relief with any medical treatment, were chosen for a gelatine trial.  They were taken off all medication and scheduled for surgery.  For 90 days before surgery they were given a heaping tablespoon of ground up chicken cartilage (which is gelatine) in their orange juice every morning, and the results were truly remarkable.

In 10 days they all had complete relief from pain and inflammation.  In 30 days they found huge changes in mobility.  People suffering with arthritis in their hands were able to open pickle jars easily - something that had been impossible for years. 

By the end of the 90 days, 28 of the 29 were considered clinically cured.  This means they had a 100% return of range of motion, and all the pain and inflammation in their fingers, toes, hips, knees and neck was completely gone.

So if you suffer from arthritis and find that the medication you take isn't as effective as you would like, supplementing with gelatine is something to seriously consider.  Even many main stream doctors are now recommending this to their patients as an alternative to drugs.

You don't have to grind up chicken cartilage.  Knox gelatine has been found to be just as effective, and some people even use Certo, which is sold with the jam making supplies. (to read more success stories and get more information google "gelatine for arthritis") 


 Personally I prefer to use Great Lakes collagen gelatine.  (Get the green can.) Not only is it made from grass-fed beef, but it also easily dissolves in both hot or cold liquids, so you can add it to either soup or a cold drink.  It's not cheap but it does last a very long time.

A very effective and pleasant way to get your daily gelatine fix is to have a bowl of bone broth with egg noodles once a day - either for lunch or before dinner.  This also goes a long way to fill you up which is a great help for those wanting to lose weight.  

Of course nothing is guaranteed.  You have to do your own research, discuss it with your doctor, and do your own trial, but when you hear about results like these, I think it's certainly worth putting in the effort to check this out.  I've suffered with arthritic knees for years now and while they aren't as bad as they could be, nothing I've tried has really helped 100%, so certainly I will be checking this out and doing an N=1 experiment on myself.  

You don't have to make your own broth if this is too much trouble.  Organic chicken broth is now widely available.  Just warm a cup and dissolve a package of gelatine in it to create a soothing drink that should give you the same results.

In fact you can add gelatine to any warm drink or soup.  A bowl of soup with a plate of salad makes a great any time meal staple. For some great soup ideas check out the RECIPES tab above. (Image from )

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