Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gift Basket Ideas

For many years my gift list at Christmas was very long and my budget was very small.  After buying gifts for my immediate family, there wasn't much money left for everyone else.  Also, even though I enjoyed giving gifts to friends and acquaintances, choosing the right gift sometimes just seemed too overwhelming.

Then I discovered the perfect gift for just about everyone - a gift basket. Everyone appreciates a few specialty food items - whether bought or home made - and putting them into a basket tied with a bow always made it look more special.

In today's economy, many people are in the same position and gift baskets could be the perfect solution.

I have given you many recipes that would make great fillers for gift baskets.  Here are just a few of the items you could cook up :

Christmas cake
gingerbread cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
buttered pecans
chocolate truffles

If you have friends who are trying to eat Paleo as well, why not make them some Paleo goodies ?  I'm sure a basket of Paleo breads or condiments would be very much appreciated.  Here are a few ideas :

Paleo bread
Paleo jam
Barbecue sauce
Teriaki sauce
Coconut pancake syrup
Steak sauce
Stir-fry Sauce

For other ideas check the RECIPES tab above. Spending an afternoon with your friends or your children cooking and talking can yield you some delicious treats to share.

To make the actual baskets, all you need are some cheap baskets that you can get at any craft store, or any other suitable container.  Nice boxes, tins, and glass jars or containers can also work.  Then all you need is some wrap  and labels to finish.  (Check this site for some free labels you can print and use.)

Baskets that contain several items are best wrapped in cellophane and a ribbon, while gift boxes or jars can look very festive with just a nice bow.  Rather than hunt around the stores at this time of the year when the crowds are at their heaviest, you can order all of these supplies easily and conveniently from Amazon and save both your time and your nerves.

But what if you don't have the time to cook?  A gift basket can still be a good idea.  Why do the work of finding the perfect gift when it can be done for you?

You can find all kinds of specialty baskets and boxes packed with different interests and activities in mind.  The are available at various price levels and usually contain all kinds of treats that your recipient is bound to enjoy.

A golfer will really appreciate a basket with golf balls, tees, and other useful accessories
Sports Gift Basket Golfing Around Golf Sports Bag

A fisherman will love this fishing tackle box stuffed with goodies
Tackle Box Mens Gift Basket Fun Fishing Gift Basket Men

If you know someone who is into race car driving, they might enjoy receiving this basket.
NASCAR Lover's Gift Chest: And The Race Is On -Medium

What gardener wouldn't love this tote filled with tools, treats, a knee pad, a gardening apron, and so much more.
The Green Thumb Gardening Gift Tote | Gift Basket for the Gardener

A tea drinker would love this basket of soothing teas and their own personal teapot and cup.
Tea Lover's Tea Gift Basket | Tea Gift for the Tea Drinker!

And there aren't many women who wouldn't love to be spoiled with this luxury basket of bath goodies.
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence of Luxury Spa Bath and Body Set

That gourmet food and wine loving couple will definitely savour all these delicious treats.
Wine Lovers Delight Gift Basket

Your pregnant daughter or niece would really appreciate this basket filled with candles, soothing oil and tea, and relaxing CDs.
Baby Shower Massage Gift Basket: Pregnancy Massage DVD, Baby Massage DVD, Oil, Relaxation Music (2 DVD/1 Oil/1 CD)

And for baby's first Christmas, this basket contains lots of useful items and comes in three different colours as well.
What a Cutie Pie New Baby Gift Basket for Boys or Girls(Blue)

And finally, for the chocolate lover this is the ultimate gift.
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Ghirardelli Chocolate Lovers

I could go on and on ...... but I'm sure you get the picture.

There is a gift basket for pretty much everyone. (Teenagers are an exception.  Money is always best for them.)  Follow any of the links above to Amazon, input "gift baskets for ..... " and fill in the appropriate hobby, activity or passion of your recipient, and I'm sure you will find several suggestions - one of which will be right for your budget.

With a bit of luck you could get all of your Christmas gift shopping done with one session at your computer, and be sitting putting up your feet and enjoying a hot cup of your favourite beverage while everyone else is fighting the weather and the crowds.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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  2. Look for a series of diet related posts coming in January.

  3. Wow,Green Thumb Gardening Gift Tote is truly gorgeous!Hrm,perhaps time to overlook my not really green-thumb :) My choice for a gift would be something somewhat homemade.I went to a gardening workshop hosted by the sustainable food center as of late, and the best thing was a chart of what vegetables to begin in what months.So I'd incorporate that chart (perhaps reformatted,made pretty, and laminated) in addition to a seed packet for every month,simple starter clay pots,a bag of potting soil +manure :)
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