Monday, December 17, 2012

My Travel Food Plan

Since many people travel this time of year to be with friends and family, today I thought I would share with you how I handle the question of food when I am travelling for a long distance.

I am a "snowbird". Each winter, right after the Holidays are done and everything is cleared away, I get into my car and make the long trek south, leaving the snow, sleet and ice behind in search of warm breezes and palm trees.

Because I take my time and limit my driving to a comfortable amount each day, this usually takes me about 4 or 5 days.  During this time I manage to keep up my Paleo diet quite easily by doing two things - eating in Paleo friendly restaurants, and packing a cooler for my car.

I bought this nifty little cooler/warmer from Amazon and I just love it.  It's big enough to keep a couple of small bottles of water and a few bags of snacks.  It plugs into my car and can either keep food cold or hot, depending on what is needed.

It also comes with a shoulder strap which makes it very convenient to carry back and forth when I am travelling.

When I am travelling with others, I can keep it in the back as an arm rest as well as for supplies.  All in all it's very versatile and useful and I highly recommend it.
Wagan 2577 Personal Fridge/Warmer - 7L Capacity

All the hotels I stay at along the way have breakfast buffets, which makes it easy for me to get a great start on my day.  Of course they have lots of bread, buns, cereals and other things I don't want to eat, but there are also always scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages.

And most places I can have an omelette made for me with lots of cheese, vegetables, and topped with salsa and sour cream - a great start to the day.

I take a bag of my Paleo bread with me and if I feel like something sweet to finish I'll have that with butter and a bit of jam instead of the danish, donuts and sweet bread they usually serve.

My cooler is a lifesaver when I am driving during the day.  Not only can I keep my water cool, I can also stock it with cut up vegetables, slices of cheese and pepperoni sticks, as well as an apple or two.

I always take a container of Jay Robb protein and a shaker bottle with me as well, because often I use my travel days as an opportunity to do some IF (Intermittent fasting), and just have a protein water during the day every few hours.

Because I make sure my cooler is always stocked, I rarely stop to eat during the day, but when I want to grab something quickly for lunch, I will sometimes stop at a Starbucks along the way for a hot cup of great coffee and a protein plate.  I throw out the whole grain bread and peanut butter that comes with it and just eat the boiled egg, cheese and fruit.

When I am travelling I try to have an early dinner before I get to my hotel, and finding Paleo friendly restaurants along the way is always easy.

Just about every city has a seafood restaurant where I can indulge in crabs legs or lobster with lots of melted butter.

Often I will go to a steak house and have a beautiful rib eye with some grilled mushrooms and a green salad on the side.

And when I feel like Mexican food, there is always Chipole's.  One of their salad bowls piled high with  spicy beef or chicken, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and lots of cheese will keep me going for hours.

In the evening while I am relaxing in the hotel room and taking a nice long bath, I will often indulge in  a glass of wine   .... and sometimes a piece of dark chocolate as well.

Because of all the great choices available these days, I don't find travelling while eating Paleo difficult at all.  With planning ahead I have what I need with me, so I'm not tempted by any of the unhealthy choices available along the way.  I often eat even better on the road than at home, and I arrive at my destination feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the sun and the beach.

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