Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Grooming Tips for Looking Great while Losing Weight

Doing some research online I notice that there isn't much written - other than for teenagers - about grooming, and nothing for people who have special challenges.  I guess it's just assumed that everyone knows how to take care of themselves, but this isn't always true.

Especially when you are trying to lose weight and your self image isn't as strong as you would like it to be, grooming can sometimes seem like a waste of time, but this is exactly when you should make it a priority.  A larger, well groomed man or woman can be just as attractive and beautiful as someone who wears a smaller size when they take the time to take care of themselves. (Image from

When you gain a lot of weight you also gain some grooming challenges that the normal sized person doesn't have to deal with, and a few helpful hints can make all the difference  to your feelings of comfort and self confidence.

So here are 5 tips to consider that will help make this transition phase of your life as easy and pleasant as possible.  Some of these might seem obvious, but often it's the things that we take for granted that we can easily overlook.

( 1 )  Always have a shower or a bath each day.  Always.  When you are carrying a lot of weight, whenever you move around it's like going to the gym.  You are going to sweat when the average person doesn't, and in order to feel comfortable you want to keep yourself as clean as possible.

For some, getting completely clean can be difficult, which is why I recommend the revival of the daily bath.  In England, before the North American shower became popular, people always had baths to get clean, and if you have physical challenges, this is still the best way.  This is different from a bath you take just for pleasure, so you aren't going to sit in it for a long time, but you can still use bath oil and bubble bath - in fact I recommend it.  A ten minute bath with a soft sponge and a back brush can help you get really clean.  And you can always finish with a warm shower as a final rinse.

( 2 )  Remove excess hair.  This is the time when you want to be especially vigilant because odours can arise when sweat sticks to hair.  Also, if you have challenges keeping clean, it makes it a lot easier as well.  Find a good strong deodorant that works for you and use it every day.

( 3 )  Use a talcum-free powder liberally.  Find a good powder like Gold Bond and use it daily.  This will go a long way towards preventing heat rash from body friction.  If you often get rashes, check out some of their other products as well.  Using them can help you get relief quickly.

( 4 )  Make sure your shoes are comfortable.  Buy shoe liners and change them often.  They will not only keep your shoes clean, they will also make them a lot more comfortable.  There are many kinds available now, and a little checking online might yield you some money-saving coupons that you can use. On really hot days dusting your shoes with powder will really help as well.

( 5 )  Act "As If".  My final hint is to live for the moment and act as if you were already at your ideal weight.  Think about it.  If you were as thin as you want to be how would you take care of yourself?  You probably don't bother with a lot of grooming rituals because you tell yourself "Why bother? I will still look fat."  But that's not the attitude to take.  Make a commitment to treat yourself as if you were already the size you want to be and you will actually get there a lot faster.

Make sure you have all the supplies you need to give yourself a manicure and a pedicure each week.  Go out and buy some nail polish that really appeals to you and use it. (You can get fast drying polish now that only takes minutes to apply.)  If doing your toes is impossible, make an appointment for a pedicure at least once a month.  This is not expensive, but will do wonders for your self image.

Get some really good face creams and cleansers and use them.  Make it a routine to cleanse your face and cream it every morning and night.  And while you are doing that, do some face exercises as well (see my post on BodyFlex)  As you lose weight you don't want your facial skin to sag.  Keep it exercised and moisturized and it will become more beautiful every day, just as you will.

And finally, update your makeup bag.  Throw out all the old worn out supplies and treat yourself to some new ones.  This doesn't have to be expensive.  While you're experimenting to see what works for you, you can use one of those cheap multi product sets, then, once you know exactly what you need you can upgrade to better quality. While you're at it, buy some new makeup brushes as well and learn to use them.

Get a free makeup lesson from a consultant at your local store, or check out some videos on YouTube for inspiration.  There are a lot of little tricks you can learn to make your face look thinner.  Don't save looking great for a special occasion.  Allow yourself to look great every day.

Following these few tips will make the weight loss process a lot easier and more enjoyable.  You will feel better about yourself, and when you feel better about yourself you are more likely to do the things that will keep you feeling that way - such as exercising and eating well.

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 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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