Monday, February 18, 2013


The Pilates system was developed by Joseph Pilates who believed that the health of the body and the mind were very much related.  He was also a firm believer in strengthening the "core" or central part of the body, believing that if you strengthened these muscles, the rest of your body would more easily fall into alignment and exercising would be much easier.

Even though there is a lot of specialized equipment that can be used in a Pilates routine, many of the exercises can also be done very successfully at home with just an exercise mat.

Here are a few videos that will give you a good idea of some of the Pilates exercises.

You can also get many books that describe the method in detail.

When you are ready to try this out for yourself, there are also many good DVDs available that will walk you through the programs step by step.

Pilates was originally used by dancers, but now it is very popular with people in all walks of life because of the many benefits that are gained from it.  Many professionals encourage their patients to try Pilates as a way to strengthen their bodies, and you will find Pilates classes in many spas, gyms, and even community centres.

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