Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finally ! ...Paleo Pasta that actually tastes like Pasta !

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I found an ebook on Amazon the other day that I absolutely had to write about.  This little book doesn't look like much, but to my mind it's the best $2.99 I've spent for a long time.

D.T. Caprio really knows her Italian cooking, and, more importantly for us, her Paleo versions are amazing.

Look at this pasta.  Doesn't it look exactly like regular pasta?  Well, not only does it look like it, it tastes like it as well.  I've made quite a few recipes from her book and I am totally blown away by them.

This recipe can be found on the Amazon preview, so I'm not giving away any secrets.  There is also a great recipe there for bread sticks as well.  

As unfortunately happens once something becomes really popular, many people are now trying to sell Paleo books, and there are so many out there that it's hard to know which are worth buying.  I've noticed however that even though when you look at the reviews on some of them people will say they "look" tasty, once they try the recipes they often write that they taste terrible.

However that is definitely not the case here.  Ms. Caprio has worked out a great formula for using Paleo allowed ingredients together with almond flour to produce something that not only looks like but also tastes surprisingly like the real thing.  She also has a pizza crust recipe that I haven't tried yet but is next on my list.  If it's anywhere as good as the pasta it's going to completely change the way I look at cooking Italian from now on.

2015 Update :  Unfortunately this book is no longer available, so I am so glad I copied this recipe. It really is great so make sure you try it!

This is now my new favourite pasta to serve with my Italian meat sauce recipe.  Add a green salad and a bottle of wine and you will think you've died and gone to heaven!

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  1. I was super excited and purchased the book only to find ingredients that are not Paleo, such as sorghum.

    1. The whole question of what is and is not considered Paleo is becoming more and more confusing these days as there are so many people who believe their particular version is the only correct one. This is why I wrote the post on gluten-free baking ingredients so you could decide for yourself which you do and do not want to use.

      Gluten-free baking is a little complicated because a blend of flours is required to approximate the results you would get with wheat flour. But with saying that, a lot of the ingredients are interchangeable, so it is not necessary to use sorghum. I don't use it in the blend I have in my post, and if you do a search online you can find others blends that don't use it as well.

      Even though I don't necessarily agree with every recipe in this book, I still highly recommend it because it shows what is possible, and the pasta recipe in particular as you can see above contains no sorghum.

  2. Hi~ I clicked on the link and Amazon seems to not have this book.
    There's another one by D.I.Caprio, but it's not Paleo.
    Do you know how to get this book?

    1. Hi Rebecca. I looked as well and it seems the author has removed this book which is really too bad. There were some really great ideas here. Could be she wasn't getting enough sales which unfortunately does happen. I have it on my list to test some more of her recipes and see if I can come up with some of my own versions.

  3. Can this pasta be dried like regular wheat pasta?

  4. Has anyone tried this with coconut flour instead of almond flour?

  5. Gee, it would be nice if this offered recipe was actually printable

  6. Thank you for this! We miss Pasta! Do you think that it would work if it was ran through a spaghetti maker.. just pushed through not rolled out based on your experience?

  7. Just curious if anyone has used this to make a ravioli or other stuffed pasta - thanks :)

  8. Can I substitute oat fiber for arrowroot flour?


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