Friday, November 29, 2013

A Cheap & Easy Food Sensitivity Test - Applied Kinesiology

If you suffer from gas, bloating, upset stomach or just generally don't feel well after eating, you might be suffering from food sensitivities.  The worst thing about food sensitivities is that they are not easy to spot.  You don't get sick right after eating, but you do often have major side effects that you won't necessarily connect to the food you eat.  For instance, many people who have migraines or arthritis often find they completely go away when they find the food that triggers them. (Image from

Unfortunately food allergy tests don't always show up food sensitivities.  There are now some tests that you can get, but they tend to be expensive.  

If you can't afford them, is there any other way to know what food sensitivities you might be suffering from?  Well according to many professionals there is, and it's called applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing.

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Many chiropractors routinely use this test on their patients.  Some (like Barry Swindler D.C. from North Carolina) put the actual substance to be tested on the patient's tongue. Others have small viles (see above) and place these on the patients body while testing.   

If you don't want to see a professional, it's very easy to do this test at home.  It requires two people, so get a friend to help.  The procedure is very simple.

First, hold your arm out and lock it, then have your friend press down on it. Your arm should stay strong.  This is the base.

Now, hold a food in your other arm and have your friend press down on your arm again.  If the food is okay for you to eat, your arm will remain strong.  If it isn't, your arm will weaken.  

If your arm gives in very easily it means this food should be eliminated completely, but if there is only a slight weakening you can probably get away with having it occasionally - maybe every few weeks or so.

It's that simple.

This might sound a bit crazy, but it is surprisingly effective, and there are scientific reasons why this works.  I personally was very sceptical before I tried it myself, but am now a believer.  I found that dairy was a major problem for me - something that had never come up before - and once I gave it up completely the difference in my health and vitality was really amazing.  

Someone else I know found he had a sensitivity to tomatoes.  He suffered from major skin breakouts which completely disappeared once he removed tomatoes from his diet.

If you are following the Paleo diet but still find your health isn't quite where you would like it to be, you might be unaware that you have a sensitivity to something you are eating.  An elimination diet can certainly help to isolate this, but the arm test could be a faster route.  I would think it's certainly worth a try. 

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