Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hiking - Simple Pleasure and Exercise combined

We all know now that walking is the best exercise for over-all fitness, so taking up Hiking as a simple pleasure is just a simple progression. (Image from

Hiking not only allows you to get great exercise, it also helps you de-stress and relax by allowing you to focus on different surroundings.

Hiking with a group can be a great way to connect ...

.....but hiking alone also has it's merits.  After a week of dealing with people and problems, it's a great way to get rid of stress and regroup.

No matter where in the world you live, there is always a place for you to hike.  Walking in the country is the best because you also benefit from the fresh air  ...

But if you're stuck in the city you can still enjoy hiking as well.  Maybe you wouldn't consider it hiking, but spending a day walking around the city and checking out the sites is great exercise.

It's hard to believe, but many people who live in cities never see the things that make that city famous unless they have friends or relatives and are forced into doing some sightseeing.

Most large cities now also have walking trails, and if you check your local tourism office you can get yourself a copy of a local map showing all the trails.  On a holiday weekend when everyone is going out of town except you, why don't you plan your own outing and check out one of these walks.   This is a great activity to do with family or friends.

Maybe plan on stopping somewhere new for lunch.  One plus of hiking in the city is you don't have to pack a lunch!

If you do a lot of hiking in remote areas, or even decide to do an overnight hike at some point, then you will want to get some equipment, and there are many specialty hiking stores now that carry everything you could ever need and more.  Just spending a few hours in one of these could be a mini day trip.

Whether you're lucky enough to have access to country trails, or have to stay in the city, you can still spend a great day hiking, and reap all the rewards, so if you're getting a bit bored doing your regular neighbourhood walks, consider expanding your horizons.  You'll find it great for your body and your mind

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