Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Easy Mexican Breakfast Casserole

At this time of year when it's still cold in most places, a hot breakfast really hits the spot, but most of us don't have the time to cook in the morning.  Here is my solution - the easy Mexican Breakfast Casserole.  This is ready in 5 minutes - not much longer than it takes you to brew your coffee - and will keep you full and satisfied until lunch.

Ingredients :

3 slices chopped, pre-cooked bacon (bought or cooked ahead on the weekend and refrigerated.  Read my post here for how to easily cook ahead bacon in the oven.)
1/2 small onion, chopped (you can buy chopped onion in your produce section to make this even faster)
2 large eggs
1/2 an avocado, chopped
2 tablespoons salsa (mild, medium or hot - however you like it !)

Directions :

  • Put the chopped bacon and the chopped onion into a small non-stick frying pan over hight heat and cook for one minute stirring often with a wooden spoon until the onion has softened and is beginning to brown.  
  • Break the eggs over the bacon onion mixture and turn the heat down to low.  Now you can go make your coffee while the eggs cook.  This will take 2 to 4 minutes depending on how runny you like them.
  • Once the eggs are cooked, slide the whole mixture into a bowl, add the salsa and avocado, and enjoy!

The key to having your eggs cook all the way through is to make sure you cook them over slow heat.  Otherwise you might find that you have raw egg white mixed in with your bacon and onion and this isn't very tasty.  Another thing you can do to speed the cooking of your eggs is to put a top over the pan.  Just watch this carefully because it does cook a lot faster.


I find that what really makes this dish is really good quality salsa. After trying many different brands over the years, my favourite by far is Green Mountain Gringo.  It's not the cheapest salsa out there, but the flavour is so fresh tasting, and since it's all natural with no preservatives, for me it's definitely worth the money.  A jar will last a long time - unless of course you're a salsa fanatic!

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  1. Thanks. These look yummy and more importantly, very easy for those brain dead mornings.


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