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Keto Waffles - for your Ketogenic LCHF and Low Carb Diet

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Since I posted my recipe for Ketogenic Waffles I've had a lot of emails telling me that the results haven't always been great.  Since these are a mainstay of my own Ketogenic diet, and I think they are a Godsend for all Ketogenic dieters, I think it's really important to make sure you get these right.  

Believe it or not these are very easy to make as long as you know a few tricks, so I'm going to go over the process again, this time in more detail. I'll also cover 8 of the  most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them. 


makes 6 large waffles (4 quarters in each)

Ingredients :

8 ounces cream cheese
8 large eggs

Equipment :

Non-stick waffle iron
large flat spoon
a couple of bread knives or a spatula
cooling rack
freezer bags and marker

Mistake # 1 - Not using a non-stick waffle maker

I'm all about simple and easy.  Well, I've learned from many years of experience that when you're trying to do something, simple and easy is IMPOSSIBLE without the right equipment.

That's the way it is with healthy cooking.  You don't need a lot of equipment - just the RIGHT equipment. 

So if you want to make this process really easy, make sure you get a non-stick waffle maker.  I would even go so far as to say if the one you have isn't non-stick, dump it and get a new one.  They aren't very expensive, but the hassle and time involved in trying to clean the regular ones just isn't worth it as far as I'm concerned.

Not only is it much easier to remove the waffles after they are cooked, but once you've finished cooking and cooling your waffle maker, all you need to do is give it a quick wipe and you can put it away all ready for the next time.  Since I use mine regularly, this is an important time saver.

If you already have a non-stick waffle maker, you're golden.  If not, here are a few inexpensive ones you can get delivered from Amazon. The one I use is the Oster Belgian waffle maker. It's the least expensive, but works perfectly. However, if I was buying a new one now I'd probably try the ZZ S6142A-S 4 -in-1. It's still pretty inexpensive but it would give me the option to make burgers, donuts and panini sandwiches as well which would be awesome.

Mistake # 2 - Using too high a setting

You will have to test this on your particular waffle maker  When I first started I set mine halfway between high and low, but the waffles browned too quickly and weren't completely cooked.  Now I set it just under the halfway mark.  They take a bit longer to cook but I end up with nice golden waffles.

Mistake # 3 - The waffle maker isn't hot enough

The first thing to do is to heat your waffle iron.  You need to make sure it heats for at least 5 minutes and longer is better.  I usually leave mine for 10 minutes to start. Don't be fooled by the light that says it's ready.  It isn't. Even though the green light is supposed to indicate that it's gotten to the right temperature, I have found that to start it needs a few minutes more.

A major mistake people make is to try and use the waffle maker too soon.  This leads to stuck waffles and a lot of mess.  If this happens to you, the best thing to do is to keep cooking the waffle until you can remove it easily.  The waffle will probably be ruined, but at least you won't have to clean the waffle iron. Once you've removed the burned waffle you can just continue on making waffles with the rest of your waffle mix.

Once your waffle iron is set up and heating, mix the ingredients.  The blender is the best things for this.  It will look very watery, but don't worry.  This is okay.  It will solidify as it cooks.  You want to leave this to stand for a few minutes before using it so the bubbles can dissipate. If you mix your ingredients after plugging in your waffle maker, the mixture should be ready by the time your waffle iron is hot.

Mistake # 4 - Pouring in too much waffle mixture

Once you're ready to start cooking, pour some mixture onto your iron.  This is unfortunately a bit of a trial and error process.  You need enough to cover all the holes, but not so much that it drips down the sides once it starts to cook.  If this happens it's not a big deal.  With a non stick waffle maker you can remove it easily, but it's a waste of ingredients.

Mistake # 5 - Not filling all the indentations

When they start, a lot of people just assume that the mixture will spread by itself.  This is true of a normal waffle batter, but you have to remember this batter is different.  It's a different consistency and will need a little help. 

I find the easiest way to make sure the mixture is spread evenly is with a large flat-bottom spoon. Since the mixture is very watery it will spread easily.  You want all the indentations to be covered, but to still be able to see them.  If you can no longer see them, chances are you've poured on too much and it will seep out once it starts to cook.

This is the trickiest bit of making these waffles, and you will need to practice a bit, but once you know what works for your waffle iron you will no longer have any problems.

Of course even if you make your waffles with holes in them they will still be edible, but if you want to use them with butter or any other kind of filling, and don't want it dribbling down your chin when you eat, make sure you cover your waffle maker surface completely.

Mistake # 6 - Not cooking the waffles long enough

At this point with my  particular waffle maker I set my timer for 8 minutes.  I find this gives me a perfect golden waffle.  When it looks like the one above, still give it another couple of minutes. It looks ready, but if it's not dark golden brown it will probably still stick a bit.  Just close the lid again and give it a couple minutes more.

Mistake # 7 - Trying to remove the waffle with your fingers !

Once it's cooked I use a couple of butter knives to remove it and place it on the cooling rack. I find butter knives work best because they won't scratch the non-stick surface. A thin non-stick spatula would also work.

It should go without saying, but the waffle maker is HOT! Don't try using your fingers or you'll end up with burns. Not the way to have a good waffle making experience.  

Mistake # 8 - Storing without cooling properly
Once it's cooled for a minute or two, I cut it into quarters and put it back onto the rack to cool completely.  Then I pack individual portions into freezer bags and freeze.

It's important to make sure your waffles cool completely before storing.  I've sometimes even left them overnight on the cooling rack, just covered with a piece of wax paper. If you pack them away too soon, they will get soggy.

Should this happen to you, try toasting them a couple of times before using.

As you can see in the photo above , the waffles are quite thick and have no open holes, so these are perfect for sandwiches. They will feel more like pancakes that waffles when they are first cooked, but don't worry, they will crisp up very nicely when you toast them before using them.

These are my go-to bread substitutes. l love using them for my morning toast and marmalade.

They also make great breakfast sandwiches , in fact  great sandwiches of all kinds like the BLT and ham and pickle sandwiches pictured above. These waffles also keep wonderfully in the freezer for several months at least. (Probably longer, but I've never managed to keep them any longer before eating them all!)

They also make a wonderful pizza base. My easy Keto pizza casserole is an easy delicious pizza replacement, but you have to eat it with a fork. These keto pizzas can be eaten with your hands just like a regular pizza, and a waffle is just the right size for an individual pizza. Using these is the easiest way to make a pizza I've found so far, and if you toast the waffle before hand and brush it with olive oil before baking, you'll have a lovely crispy crust as well. 

I've tried all kinds of low carb breads, but non are as low carb as these.  You can't beat a bread made of just protein.  Not to mention that it fills you up for hours.

As a young student I spent some time in France where I fell in love with croissants.  This love affair continued for years until I had to let it go once I went Paleo.  Believe me, this was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  But once I discovered these waffles I found I could make a wonderful substitute that's probably the closest thing to a croissant you can get on a grain-free diet.

For those of us on a budget, another great advantage is that this is also one of the least expensive ways to get organic protein.  I use organic cream cheese and organic free-run eggs and it's still a very inexpensive dish.

I think these are a great basic that should be part of every Ketogenic Dieter's recipe collection. Very low carb, very tasty and versatile, and the holes are perfect vehicles for holding lots of butter!

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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