PAIN AU CHOCOLAT - Ketogenic LCHF version

When I was a student living in Paris, one of my greatest pleasures was meeting my friends in our neighbourhood cafe and indulging in Cafe au Lait and Pain au Chocolat. This was an almost daily part of my routine.

I've always loved both croissants and chocolate, so these were perfect for me. Once I became Ketogenic I figured my days of any kind of croissant were over.  I'm so glad I was wrong!

Once I discovered Ketogenic waffles it opened up a whole new world of variety for me and brought back Pain au Chocolat to my life again.

Now it's once again my mid morning snack ....and I love every biteful!

Today I'm going to show you how to make this super easy and super delicious snack.


Ingredients :

1/2 a Keto waffle (2 quarters)
1 mini Chocoperfection bar (the orange is especially delicious!)

You can use any good dark chocolate (over 65% is best), but the nutrition counts will be different. You also need to make sure that whatever chocolate you use, it's thin enough or it won't melt easily.

I like to use Chocoperfection because it's sugar-free, low in calories, high in fat, and really delicious.  It's easily available, and according to Maria Emmerich (the dietician co-author of Jimmy Moore's Ketogenic recipe book) chocolate is also rich in magnesium, something that is very important in a Ketogenic diet.

Since most people lack magnesium in their diet, this is a great way to get it. (Maria also recommends Chocoperfection bars in her book Keto Adapted.)

So nice to know this is a healthy recipe as well as a delicious one!

Directions :

  • Toast 2 waffle quarters.  This will not only make them crispy like a croissant, but will also help the chocolate melt very easily.
  • As soon as the toast is finished, put one piece on a plate, place the chocolate in the middle, and cover with the other piece. Press the two halves together gently. Leave for a minute or two so it melts.
  • At this point you can open it up if you like and use some of the melted chocolate to spread over the top.
  • Let the chocolate cool a bit so it sets on the top, then eat and enjoy!

Nutrition :

According to SparkPeople:
for each serving : 151 calories, 6g carbs, 14g fat, 5g protein, 4g fibre, 2g net carbs

Every day when I enjoy this treat it reminds me of the happy and carefree days I spent in Paris. It also reminds me how lucky I am to have found this wonderful way of eating that allows me to enjoy these kinds of delicious treats once again, and still stay healthy.

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