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Hi there,

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm a Health and Life Style author, and I live on beautiful Vancouver Island. I love the ocean and I consider this the best place In Canada to live. Looking out on the water always gives me lots of inspiration. So, of course, do all the books I read and the podcasts I listen to.
What do I write ? 
I’m interested in everything Health and Lifestyle related, so you’ll find I’ve written books on a wide variety of topics. I started out writing about Paleo five years ago on this blog, and have expanded my writing to include books as well as blog posts. I now write about many other ways of eating, including Gluten & Sugar-Free and LCHF. These days I’m especially interested in the Ketogenic Diet and Fasting. I've also started growing vegetables indoors and find it a fascinating new medium (as well as having delicious results!). I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. 
If you have comments or suggestions, make sure to write them below any blog post. You can also contact me at EatLiveGrowPaleo@outlook.com.  I love getting emails from my fans, and even though I can’t respond to each and every one of them, you can be sure that I read them all.

P.S.   For a current list of all my books, as well as my writing plans for the near future, visit my website at joannaalderson.com

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