If you're new to Paleo. Read this introduction.

This blog is primarily based on Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint.  Read this first to get a good general overview.

If you are sitting on the fence regarding Paleo - maybe thinking it will be too hard to give up your usual bread, pasta, etc. you might want to consider The Perfect Health Diet (Paleo plus safe starches) 

In this blog you will find information and recipes that will make eating Paleo - regardless of which version you choose - quick, simple and easy.  My secret to making it work? Adopting a few easy habits and preparing ahead of time.

Here is all the backup information you will need :

First, read Food Basics 101 and Saving Money on Food to find out how you can eat Paleo and still save on your food budget. Then read Why you need a Slow Cooker where I explain how this inexpensive appliance can save you tons of time and money.  Here are a few more posts on specific kitchen equipment that can save you time and energy.

How to set up a Baking Centre

Once you are ready to plan your meals, these posts will help.

The biggest problem for most people is what to make for dinner, and this is where this blog will be the most help.  I have divided my dinners into 3 kinds :
  • Simple rubs and marinades to use when making barbecue meals, and simple stir-frys and pan-frys.  Just add a salad and vegetables and you have dinner.
  • Quick dinners that you can make in 30 minutes or less
  • Easy slow-cooker meals to start in the morning so your dinner is ready when you are.
You will find all the recipes you need under the RECIPES tab above, including a large section of side dishes to complement your meals and a section on desserts.  I am constantly updating this list as I find and try new recipes to make sure you have lots of variety to choose from.

I also believe in cooking ahead meals when possible so I can have healthy Paleo "frozen dinners" available for even quicker dinners when I don't want to cook at all.  Check the COOK AHEAD tab for more information on how I do this. 

What foods you can and can't freeze

If you are looking to lose weight, my No Deprivation Weight Loss Plan will show you how you can do this by eating your favourite foods while still following the Primal Blueprint recommendations.  

By following more of a Mediterranean approach to Paleo eating you can "have your cake and eat it to!" 

If you are intrigued by Tim Ferriss' 4 hour diet, read about my Paleo version here.

Check the WEIGHT LOSS tab for more information, such as posts on exercise and other weight loss related issues.


If you are having any problems adapting to the Paleo diet, read my post here.  You might also want to try My Elimination Diet.  This is the plan I used to discover my own food sensitivities.

To help you get started successfully...........

You can find out how I got started and set myself up for success by planning ahead and creating a mini spa experience for myself at home.

You can also learn how I made Paleo eating a part of my life by adding one small habit at a time using my Paleo Kaizen plan, and how you can do the same.  By starting with the first habit today, you will soon find yourself doing what needs to be done automatically and you will no longer have to stress about it.  

Here is the introduction to Paleo Kaizen plan, and here are the 10 easy habits that I have now made a part of my life :

Also check the LIFE tab to find my 10 easy Lifestyle habits.

If you think Paleo eating is all about giving things up, read these posts on Simple Pleasures that I recommend you add to your diet.  

Savour some Tea
Really enjoy your morning coffee
Splurge a little for the perfect cup

For more non-food Simple Pleasures, check the SIMPLE PLEASURES tab above.

Once you have started on the road to Paleo eating, here are more resources to help you on your way.

None of us are perfect, and regardless of our best efforts we sometimes find ourselves derailed. Read my post to find out What to do when you've fallen of the wagon 

Travelling can sometimes post a challenge.  Here is what I do on long distance car journeys.

Food is not only nourishment for our bodies, it can also be medicine that can help us deal with various ailments and diseases.  Read these posts on specific foods to find out more.

Spring Foods
gelatine  and gelatine update (especially for arthritis)
bone broth

And if you want to know why we don't eat certain foods and why we do eat others, these posts will give you a quick summary and some links to more information.

Finally, if after giving it a good try, you really feel this program just isn't working for you, here are a few suggestions that might help.

Want to try Paleo, but .....

... think it's too hard to do?
... don't have enough information?
... don't know where to start?
My STEP-BY-STEP PALEO ebook course makes it Easy !

I show you exactly what to do Step by Step,
I give you lots of great Recipes,
and I make it Fun !

check out Book 1 on Amazon today !


 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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