This blog is based on Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint version of Paleo, which is not just an eating plan but also a lifestyle. Read what he has to say about lifestyle here.

What is LIVE all about?

As I explained under EAT, I have made my transition to Paleo a lot easier by following my Paleo Kaizen eating plan.  Here is the second part - my Paleo Kaizen lifestyle plan.

1. Drink plenty of pure water
2. Get lots of Fresh Air and Oxygen
3. Spend some time every day in the sun without sunscreen
4. Spend your evenings calmly and get a good night's sleep
5. Take your Supplements
6. Move your body
7. Indulge in Simple Pleasures every day
8. Savour your Time Alone
9. Make time for family, friends and loved ones
10. Don't take life too seriously

You should work on these habits only once all the 10 easy steps to becoming a Permanent Paleo Eater  are an automatic part of your everyday life.  Don't try to do everything at once or you will feel overwhelmed. When you feel comfortable, then it's time to work on the next step. But not before. Don't rush this. Remember Kaizen is about changing your life one tiny step at a time.

To incorporate Paleo living requires a bit of work and dedication, but it should also be enjoyable.

To help you even further in your Paleo living efforts, here are some other ideas that you might like to consider.

BODYFLEX breathing and exercise system
Pool Exercises - How to exercise in a Pool
Tai Chi - simple gentile exercise & stress relief
Take a walk - Indoors
Cross-Country Skiing



Want to try Paleo, but .....

... think it's too hard to do?
... don't have enough information?
... don't know where to start?
My STEP-BY-STEP PALEO ebook course makes it Easy !

I show you exactly what to do Step by Step,
I give you lots of great Recipes,
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Living Paleo can be both delicious and fun.  Start today and learn how you can become healthy and fit while enjoying your life more than ever before.

 “Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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