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Ready to lose weight the Paleo way?  You will find everything you need to know to get started here.


 If you're new to Paleo, first read this introduction.  Then, since this blog is based on Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint read this next to get a good general overview.

My No Deprivation Weight Loss Plan is my version of Mark's plan made quick, simple and easy.  The secret to making it work is lots of flexibility and meals that can be cooked ahead.

I believe in following a Mediterranean approach to Paleo eating.  This way I can "have my cake and eat it to!" You can see a sample plan that I created using these guidelines here :

Here are some other diet variations to try :

Another option is the Perfect Health Diet (Paleo plus Safe Starches) by Paul Jaminet

 If you are interested in trying this easy-to-stick-with plan, then check out the recipes I have for bibimbap, pho and hash - all Perfect Health recommended lunches.  And my basic stir-fry recipe is also another great alternative.  Rice is a basic on this plan, so if you need a quick and easy way to cook it, check out my basic rice recipe.

The Tim Harris 4-Hour Diet - Paleo Style  is also another great option for quick easy weight loss.  Check my link for some great menu ideas using recipes from this blog.

The "I can't believe this is a diet" Diet is Jimmy Moore's high fat, moderate protein, low carb plan and you can find all the info. links here.

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If you think you have some specific problems with Paleo foods, read my post here.  Also you might want to try My Elimination Diet.  This is the plan I used to discover my own food sensitivities.

And if your weight loss plan needs a quick boost, consider doing a Grape Fast.

Here is all the backup information you will need to follow any of these plans :

Under RECIPES are all the recipes you need to follow any of the plans above.  I am constantly updating this list as I find and try new recipes to make sure you have lots of variety to choose from.

Part of any good lifestyle plan is exercise - for many reasons.  Not only will it make you healthier, it will also keep your body strong and firm and decrease the chances of saggy skin once you've lost all the weight you want to lose.  But choosing the right exercise is important.

Here you will find a description of the Primal Blueprint exercise plan.  This plan can be used by anyone at any level of fitness, and it lends itself beautifully to incorporating some of the other exercise options below. 

When I first started Paleo eating I had major arthritis in my knees and couldn't do much exercise at all, so I had to research many different options.  That is why I think I can safely say that whatever your situation, there is an exercise plan here that you can do.  Start with what you can do at the level you are at today.  Once that becomes too easy, you can check out some of the other options that are a bit more challenging.

I started with doing BodyFlex to build up my flexibility, and the PACE program on my stationary bike.

Other options you might like to try :

To help you get started successfully, learn how you can make the transition to Paleo as simple, quick and easy as possible.

You will find out how I got started and set myself up for success by planning ahead and creating a mini spa experience for myself at home.

You will also discover how I made Paleo Low Carb a part of my life by adding one small habit at a time using my Paleo Kaizen plan.  By starting with the first habit today, you will soon find yourself doing what needs to be done automatically and you will no longer have to stress about it.  Remember, my goal is to make losing weight as quick, simple and easy as possible.

Once you have started your plan, there are more resources to help you along the way.

Under EAT you will find all the basic information you need to know about this program and the Primal Blueprint, the health benefits of various foods, posts on kitchen equipment and supplies to use, and more detailed explanations on why we don't eat certain foods when we eat Paleo, as well as links that will guide you if you want to read further on any of these subject.

Here are also some food information posts that can help you when planning your own food menus :


Under LIVE you will find lots of different posts on everything to do with  Paleo Low Carb living, and specific ways you can incorporate the Paleo lifestyle suggestions into your life.

SIMPLE PLEASURES will give you a lot of suggestions for adding a little pleasure to your life so you can enjoy this journey while you're on it.   You will also learn that there are a lot of things that can give you pleasure that have nothing to do with food.

Losing weight and getting into shape requires a lot of determination and hard work, but there is also no reason why you can't make this process as enjoyable as possible.  You will probably find after you have added some of these Simple Pleasures that you will want to continue with them indefinitely.  After all ..... who doesn't want to keep doing things that feel good?

And finally, here under CHALLENGES you will find posts that cover many of the problems that you might have to deal with before you get to your goal, such as difficulties with digestion, what to do when weight loss stalls, what kind of wardrobe is the most flattering when you are bigger than you want to be, how to deal with grooming challenges of the overweight body, and many more.  Check back often for updates.

Start today and find out how quick, simple and easy - and enjoyable - it can be to get back your fit, trim and healthy body.

Want to try Paleo, but .....

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 Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”   - George Bernard Shaw

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